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Training & Workshop

Digital Marketing

Seeking to increase your Marketing Targets? Our highly skilled & specialized team will teach you how to use various Digital Channels; SEO, Advertising, and other tools to achieve your marketing targets, dominate & exploit your online presence.
iClick’s programs are designed to meet your specific objectives & to help you achieve your goals


Mobile Marketing

“80% of Internet users own Smartphones.” If you - as we do - see the hidden opportunity behind this statement, you’ll surely benefit from our Mobile Marketing courses where you’ll learn how to use mobile channels like Apps, QR, mobile advertising, and other tools to expand your reach & attain your goals.

Social Media Marketing

iClick’s accredited team will walk you through all social media techniques to drive better engagement, higher ROI’s & long-term relationships with clients. When we surveyed our clients about the top 3 reasons that drive them to integrate Social Media Marketing into their marketing strategies? They replied:

  • Increased Brand Recognition & Loyalty
  • Better ROI & more Qualified Conversions
  • Higher Traffic on better Search Engine Rankings


Consulting Services

Digital Assessment

We provide health check analysis for businesses that are already running an online marketing strategy, by measuring the effectiveness & efficiency of strategy’s tools, business capabilities, allocated resources, competitive analysis. iClick will assess your current performance health & will highlight areas in need of improvements across all key marketing areas.

Digital Strategy

iClick will work with you to develop a solid, yet flexible, digital marketing, social media strategies and mobile plans that are aligned with your organization objectives.

We’ll work together on a customized program that will give you full control of your all online presence & drive results that are tangible & measurable.

Inbound Marketing

Need to attract the right people, through valuable content, generate high quality sales opportunities, and retain a long term relationship with clients? Inbound Marketing is the way to go.

Due to continuous change of buying behaviors, customers’ needs & the non-ending abuse of outbound marketing tools “Spam”… Your business may be in need of innovative solutions to attract long-term relationships instead of running after unsteady results.


Mobile App Marketing

App Store Optimization

We help you improving the visibility of your mobile application in Apps Store, whether it is Google Play, iTunes or Windows Phone. Advanced & Innovative App Store Optimization (ASO) solutions offered by iClick will boost your app’s ranking highly in the app store's search results and top charts rankings in order to drive downloads.
iClick will help you to increase your mobile app’s organic discoverability; get found better by users in the app stores, rank higher for your specific targeted keywords & rank higher in Google´s semantic search for applications.

Mobile App Campaign

As the number of apps has grown during the last years, the possibility of any app being found has been hardest than ever. This has led iClick to integrate the Mobile App Campaigns into its offered services & building Ads campaigns that increase downloads & penetration.

Mobile App Analytics

iClick will monitor all marketing efforts performed on your app, whether they are organic or paid. This will help you quickly understand how to achieve your goals using different marketing techniques through turning those statistics into actions.


Digital Marketing & Advertising

Search Engine Optimization

Improving and promoting your online presence by achieving page 1 rankings in search engines for your target keywords.
iClick uses the latest “White Hat” on-site & off-site optimization techniques, as well as detailed statistics & measurement to drive organic targeted & qualified traffic.

Remarketing Campaigns

The Retargeting Campaigns managed by iClick is a great choice for your business when you are focused on connecting with people who have already visited your website or used your mobile App & will help you reconnect with them by showing relevant content through Ads.

Search Engine Advertising

“Reach Everyone, Everywhere.” That’s the best description of Search Engine Advertising tools offered by iClick. Through Search Engine Advertising campaigns our certified professionals will help your organization reach its target clients either through major search engines like; Google, Yahoo, Bing or through the large Ads network provided by Google. Maximize your advertising budget and generate targeted leads with PPC campaigns that deliver high ROI, and enjoy more features like:

  • Target visitors at all stages of the buying funnel
  • Test your messages & Control your budget
  • Target Keywords You Can’t Rank Organically For


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Optimization

Improve your current social media presence through a balanced mix of your social media channels and communities to increase the brand or products’ awareness.

Social Media Advertising

You always can integrate the paid Social Network Advertising campaigns with the organic traffic efforts to maximize your use of digital marketing strategy. Our Social  Advertising solutions will provide you with excellent set of tools to target your customers by their interests, characteristics, activities, and more other factors that let you reach the right target.. “40% off Arab population uses Social Media.”

Social Media Analytics

Here in iClick we believe that monitoring and measuring your social media activities, listening to your audience, understanding your market & competition, are the main keys to your Social Marketing Intelligence and strategic improvements.
Social Media Analytics will give you the information you need to improve your social media presence & engagement, and will assist you in making wise marketing decisions and integrate social media with your overall performance.


Digital Analytics

Google Analytics

Our Google Analytics certified experts will assist you build your analytics plan or audit your current one, which will enable better measurement and optimization for your digital presence. Conversion Rate Optimization is keen to understand your visitors and increase the percentage of your website visitors who turn into sales.


Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization is keen to understand your visitors and increase the percentage of your website visitors who turn into sales. We creat an experience for your website and landing pages' visitor with the goal of increasing the percentage of conversion into clients.

Partnership & Membership

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